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K.P. Kazakov - director general
The manufactures of carbonated soft drinks, based on components identical for natural - sweeteners etc., additionally increase the thirst but not slake the one, as a rule depend on total advertising as a pledge of success for their soft drinks distribution.
In fact, these manufacturers should not advise their children to drink these beverages because such soft drinks, in literal meaning of the following expression, dissolve the stomach. However, there is natural health-improvement soft drink developed, primarilly, with regard to the Hippocratic oath principle - "to be not injurious to health" and furthemore - to keep and angment health. It is "Vitan" soft drink!
Vegetable kingdom is the greatest wonder of nature and our healing natural resources. Every plant is original factory in which rarest and healthy substances mobilizing hidden reserves of organism are built. The medicinal plants used for development of "Vitan" soft drink are known long ago in folk medicine and applied widely in modern medicine:
- St.John`s - wort is applied as cholagogue, antiphlogistic and anticeptic agent;
- thyme is applied as antispasmodic and disinfectant agent;
- colts foot leaves is applied as antiphlogistic and cholagogue agent;
- peppermint stimulates the appetite, abates and eliminates the pain in stomach and gallbladder regions. Also, it is applied as the nervous system roborant and trauguilizig agent.
The manufacture procedure of the Vitan-1 non-alcoholic, health-improvement drink provides for high concentration of natural flavanoides - natural antioxidants (antioxygens). Results of the soft drink use in schools demonstration:
- increasing working cupacity;
- decreasing exacerbation of chronic gastroenteric deseases (gastritis, colitis, cholecystitis, ulcer);
- decreasing catarrhal deseases.
The Vitan-1 is advisable for smokers, users of PC, workers of chemical plants, sportsmen and everybody who wants to improve his health.
Diploma of rewarding "VIVACO" company by a golden medal
for alcohol-free drinks "Vitan-1", "Vitan-2", "Vitan-3"
and the syrup "Vitan-2"
Konstantin Petrovich Kazakov, director general
of "Vivaco" company, and Evgeny Maximovich Primakov,
chairman of Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Cup - Grand-prix 2001 for the stable high quality of production;
golden medal for the best alcohol-free drink of year 2000;
golden medal for the best alcohol-free drink of year 2001;
golden medal for the best Russian alcohol-free production - 2003.
Certificates of conformity
Russian State standarts:
Alcohol-free drinks "Vitan-1", "Vitan-2" and "Vitan-3"
Alcohol-free syrup "Vitan-1"
Alcohol-free syrups "Vitan-2" and "Vitan-3"

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